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AIDE Memorie_IRTI-ADFIMI-FFSA Joint Seminar on “Project Appraisal”, Hotel Jumbaktas, Astana, Kazakhstan, 26 – 28 September 2016



AIDE MEMOIRE for IRTI-ADFIMI-FFSA Joint Seminar on “Project Appraisal”

to be held at Hotel Jumbaktas, Astana, Kazakhstan on 26 – 28 September 2016


- Introduction

- Schedule

- General Conditions

- Lecturers

- Application & Nomination Form




Investment decisions are important both for private and public entities. Goals for evaluation of investment projects include maximizing shareholders wealth for investors, maximizing social and economic benefits for the countries and ensuring the repayment capability from the lenders side.

Within this framework project appraisal methodology will be presented mainly from economic, technical and financial disciplines from a development and investment bank’s perspective. Evaluation process of investment projects will be discussed regarding both investor and lender point of view. Within the program, environmental & social impact and risk assessment process will be highlighted. In parallel to global trends, sustainable banking practices will also be presented.

Course instructors are managers from Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) and will provide insight coming from TSKB’s 65 years’ proven international experience and know-how. Case study will be on the agenda to improve the understanding of project appraisal framework.

What is the aim of the seminar?

The project appraisal process from TSKB’s development and investment banking perspective will be discussed. The main focus of the seminar will be to provide fundamentals of economic, technical and financial evaluation methodology of a project in terms of lending and investment decision of private investors.

Who should attend?

Executives that evaluate credit worthiness of projects and marketing executives from NDFIs as well as managers from the public sector. The participants will be asked to make a brief presentation on the Project Appraisal practice of their own institution.

What are pre-requisites for attending this seminar?

Excel spreadsheets will be used in the course. Participation to the case study will enhance the understanding of various steps and issues involved in the project appraisal process.




Day 1: Monday, 26th September, 2016





08.30 – 09.00


Opening Session

09.00 – 09.10

09.10 – 09.20

09.20 – 09.30

  • Opening Remarks by Mr. Omarov Zhandar Daniyarbekuly, Chairman of the Board & CEO FFSA, JSC
  • Opening Remarks by Br. Rami Abdelkafi, Senior Training Specialist/Research Economist, IRTI
  • Opening Remarks by Mr. Nuri Birtek, Secretary General, ADFIMI

Session 1


  • Highlights from TSKB –Rahmi Aksoy-Yael Taranto-Sevilay Kıran


  • Economic Growth, Development and Structure of Economic Sectors –Yael Taranto

Coffee Break



Session 2


  • Sectoral Focus (textiles or metals and machinery or energy) –Yael Taranto

Lunch Break



Session 3


  • Project Appraisal and Economic Analysis –Yael Taranto

Coffee Break



Session 4


  • Supply, Demand, Price and Income Forecasting –Yael Taranto

  Day 2: Tuesday, 27th September, 2016




Session 5


  • General Project Appraisal Principles and Terminology –Sevilay Kıran

Coffee Break



Session 6



  • Financial Analysis & Cash Flow Projections –Sevilay Kıran

Lunch Break



Session 7


  • Technical Appraisal  -Rahmi Aksoy

Coffee Break



Session 8



  • Technical Appraisal  -Rahmi Aksoy

 Day 3: Wednesday, 28th September, 2016




Session 9



  • Case Study  –Rahmi Aksoy-Yael Taranto-Sevilay Kıran

Coffee Break



Session 10



  • Case Study (Contd.) –Rahmi Aksoy-Yael Taranto-Sevilay Kıran

Lunch Break



Session 11


  • Case Study (Contd.) –Rahmi Aksoy-Yael Taranto-Sevilay Kıran

Coffee Break



Closing Session


  • Certificates
  • Closing Ceremony




Candidates should be in good health. Participants are expected to take medical insurance coverage in their home countries to cover their travel and stay in Kazakhstan.

It will be the responsibility of the participants to make their own arrangements to secure visas for entry into Kazakhstan. However, the participants should be aware that the issuance of entry visas into Kazakhstan may take as long as one month. Therefore, the participants are urged to apply as soon as possible. FFSA will assist participants in the issuance of visas.


The meeting will take place at the Hotel Jumbaktas. This is a 4 star hotel located in the center of Astana. For those participants requiring accommodation; accommodation and meal rates at the Hotel Jumbaktas are given below. You are kindly advised to mention ADFIMI’s Programme in order to be entitled for the rates below. Participants wishing to stay at the Hotel Jumbaktas are requested to contact the hotel (email: [email protected]  Tel: + 7 7172 579 777, 578 777) directly for room bookings. Obviously, participants wishing to stay elsewhere may do so at their discretion. However there will be no transport facilities availed to the venue hotel.


Up to 40 persons


Applications should be made by filling the attached form and submitting it to ADFIMI’s address below latest by 15.08.2016.


  • ADFIMI Members: Registration is free of charge.

ADFIMI’s responsibility will be limited to the following:

  • Training costs
  • Seminar notes
  • Lunches and coffee breaks during the seminar
  • Cost of transfers between the airport and the hotel
  • NON MEMBERS pay a registration fee of USD 100

Registration fee includes:

  • Training costs
  • Seminar notes
  • Lunches and coffee breaks during the seminar
  • Transfers between the airport and the hotel

Two or more participants from the same institution will be charged USD 75 each

All other costs will be borne by the participants.

You are requested to inform ADFIMI of your room preference by filling in the nomination form and sending it to ADFIMI as soon as possible.

  • Accommodation rate        :           Single Standard (Bed & Breakfast)    KZT 24 350,00

             Double Room (Bed & Breakfast)        KZT 34 200,00

                                                            Single Business (Bed & Breakfast)    KZT 36 000,00

                                                            Lux (Bed & Breakfast)                       KZT 48 600,00

                                                            Family Room (Bed & Breakfast)        KZT 62 900,00


At the time of preparation of this document, the exchange rate of USD/KZT was 1 USD = 343 KZT (e.g. 24 350,00 / 343 = USD 71)

If you have any questions regarding the seminar, or the nomination and selection procedures, please do not hesitate to contact ADFIMI.

Nuri Birtek

Secretary General


ADFIMI’s Contact Details:

Address: Saka Mehmet Sk, No:13, Kat: 2,

Sultanhamam, Eminönü, 34116, İstanbul, Turkey Web site:

E-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]

Phone: + 90.212.526 51 26 – 27

Fax: + 90.212.526 51 28

Hotel Contact Details


65, Karasakal Erimbet str

Astana, 010000, Kazakhstan

Tel: +7 7172 579 777, 578 777

Email: [email protected]





ADFIMI's US Dollar Account Details:

Account No: 53000734

IBAN:TR92 0001 2009 8480 0053 000 734

Bank: Turkiye Halk Bankası

Sultanhamam Branch (Code: 848)

Address: Eminönü, İstanbul, Turkey

SWIFT: TRHBTR2A (Head Office)











Yael Taranto

Manager-Senior Economist

Yael Taranto was born in Izmir in 1967 and graduated from Smith College (USA) with a B.A in Economics after which she completed an M.A. in International Political Economy and Development at Fordham University (USA). Ms. Taranto joined TSKB in 1996 and has been working as Manager-Senior Economist in the Economic Research Department since 2002. She is specialized in the energy sector and has been involved in the sector and project analysis of nearly all the energy generation and distribution projects financed or consulted by TSKB. Taranto has been involved in the privatization consultancy for the largest public sector ports in Turkey and in loan restructuring activities under the Istanbul Approach.  In addition to the energy and infrastructure, Taranto has been involved in sector and sales analysis of numerous sectors including, pulp and paper, wood products, plastics, mobile telecommunications and machinery.  She carried out several project financing activities under various credit lines developed by international financing institutions such as the World Bank, European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Agence Française de Development.

Sevilay Kıran

Senior Manager-Financial Analysis Department

Sevilay Kıran was born in Iğdır in 1978 and graduated from the Department of Business Administration, İstanbul University. And also she has master’s degree is in finance from İstanbul University.  Ms. Kıran began her professional career at Yapı Kredi Bank as a Junior Financial Analyst in the Financial Analysis Department. After serving for three years in this department, she had worked in Credit Underwriting Department as a credit analyst. She started to work at TSKB in 2007 in Financial Analysis Department as a senior analyst. Sevilay Kıran was promoted as senior manager in 2015 responsible for managing team members, leading the project team who prepare cash flow projections, proforma balance sheets and income statements and feasibility reports for investment projects funded by supranational finance institutions like World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Islamic Development Bank  and European Investment Bank. Apart from loan evaluation in corporate banking and project finance, with her team she also works for investment banking function of TSKB, where valuations and consultancy projects like public offerings, merger and acquisitions and privatizations.

Rahmi Aksoy


Rahmi Aksoy is a senior electrical engineer with 25 years of electrical and automation engineering expertise, of which 9 years as a production/maintenance chief in industrial plants in Turkey and turn-key project manager in international engineering companies in Germany. Finally, he has 17 years of experience as a senior consultant engineer in TSKB, dealing with technical feasibility studies of investment projects for finance or valuation purposes which are specifically in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and environment and also in a multitude of different industrial sectors, including infrastructures of shopping malls, green-certified buildings, hospitals and organized industrial zones. Mr. Aksoy is also one of the early owners of Energy Manager License from Ministry of Energy addressing the key issues about the energy efficiency on different platforms in the annual events in Turkey. He also carries the Real-Estate Appraisal License as one of the first successors heading the exam organized by Capital Markets Board of Turkey (SPK) in 2002.


Application & Nomination Form


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